HDTV Recorder Support

HDTV Recorder Firmware download

How to find the hardware version?

Press through a remote control MENU => Information => Current Version

Please select the correct hardware revision for your device.

Please download the file to your computer, thanUnZip itcopy *.AHX to flash driver or HDD, using Firmware upgrade.

Release Note

  • [Fixed]Sometimes there is no video while playing back.
  • [Fixed]Can not playback when input source is CVBS and the CVBS source is not turned on.
  • [Attention]After the update is complete, if the screen color display is not normal, you can set the power off and then turned on..

HDTV Recorder Version:1.85 build:00-0630 Date:2016/03/15

HVR-6040H-SYS(DMB)-A2/B2 Download:

HVR-6040H(L)-SYS-A5 Download:

AnyHD Recorder Version:1.85 build:00-0630 Date:2016/03/15

HVR-6048H-SYS-B4 Download:

HVR-6048H-SYS-B5 Download:

HVR-6048H-SYS-B7 Download:

HVR-6048H-SYS-B9 Download:

HVR-6048H-SYS-M9 Download: