PowerHDLink PLC

HD Video Streaming over Power Lines


A+V Link PowerHDLink products allow you to transmit HD Video anywhere in your home using existing power lines, saving you the hassles of rewiring. This system consists of a receiver and a transmitter that deliver H.264 HD video and audio from Set Top Boxes, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles (etc.) to compatible HDTV displayers located near power outlets. The owerHDLink Receiver is easily connected to your HDTV via an HDMI cable while your A/V equipment is connected directly to the transmitter.


  • - H.264 compression technology
  • - Incorporates HDMI technology
  • - Supports up to 1920 x 1080@60i/50i/23.98p/24p
  • - Incorporates HomePlug-AV PLC technology with 200 Mbps PHY rate
  • - Supports optimal QoS for video streaming
  • - One TX works with multiple RXs simultaneously
  • - Supports video source remote control
  • - Back channel to support remote IR control for original video player
  • - PVR version supports video recording


PowerHDLink Model List(PDF)

PowerHDLink PLC Brochure(PDF)

PowerHDLink PLC Quick Guide(PDF)

CE Certificate:AVM-6985H (Transmitter) / AVM-6986H (Receiver)

FCC Certificate:AVM-6985H (Transmitter) / AVM-6986H (Receiver)

RoHS Test Report: AVM-6985H (Transmitter) / AVM-6986H (Receiver)