HDTV Scalar

Any Resolution and Frame rate for your HDTV


The A+V Link HDTV Scalar accepts HDMI input and converts the digital video to different resolution/frame video of digital HDMI and analog VGA/YPbPr outputs. Other than providing video scaling functions, it not only converts the digital S/PDIF audio signal from HDMI input interface to coaxial S/PDIF output but also converts the digital PCM audio data to analog RCA stereo audio output, which could be connected to an external AVR or audio amplifier. When using with the projector, the HDTV Scalar could fine-tune the video size and position to match the display screen size. By using the HDTV Scalar, you don’t need to worry about your old TV, monitor or projector that is not compatible with the up-to-date HDMI interface and/or resolution/frame rate.


  • - Support Apple TV/iPAD/iPhone
  • - Support input resolutions from VGA to WUXGA (1920x1200)
  • - Support input resolutions from NTSC to Full HD (1080p60)
  • - Support video scalar up and down
  • - Support HDMI to HDMI out and HDMI to VGA or YPbPr out into two display devices simultaneously
  • - Support mobile phones in Android system. (Need to prepare a MHL to HDMI cable)
  • - The 5V USB port can charge mobile phone


HDTV Scalar

HDTV Scalar Brochure(PDF)